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SALT Pet(s) of the Month: Max and Elphie

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Jack Pet of the Month 1.jpgMeet Maximus (Max, pictured below) and Elphaba (Elphie, pictured here with Jack), the lovable cats of Sutherland SALT’s Jack Trachtenberg.

Max likes to think that his size makes him tough, as he walks around like the tough cat in the house, but as soon as visitors come to the door, he scrambles for cover under the bed. Never one to miss a meal, Max is now on a strict wet-food-only diet to help him shed his kitty curves. He is certain to remind Jack when it is time for breakfast, which, according to Max, is as soon as the sun rises.

Elphie, named for Elphaba from the musical Wicked, joined Jack after persistently coming to the back door of his house, Jack Pet of the Month 2.jpgbegging for food. After deciding to nurse the sweet cat back to health while trying to locate her owner, Jack finally decided to keep her after no one claimed her. Despite Max’s tough-guy image, it’s Elphie who is secretly the bully of the house. Sweet and innocent at first meeting, Elphie loves to hide and wait for the perfect opportunity to startle Max with a sneak-attack pounce, which only makes his skittish nature worse. Her second-favorite pastime is bird hunting through the window, determined that someday she may catch one.

Max and Elphie say thanks for choosing them as the March Pet(s) of the Month!

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News/Commentary - SALT Pet(s) of the Month: Max and Elphie
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